Options Group is a global executive search firm with 15+ offices worldwide and over 200 employees.

The London Offices

The London office was opened in 1999 to enhance Option Group’s global brand by expanding into Europe. There were just three employees.

The History

Today we support three European offices and over 40 professionals and the office specializes in Equities and Fixed Income, although it also has the expertise to work in the many practice areas provided by Options Group’s global team.

Our location

The time zone differences make it well equipped to collaborate with Asia and the US, which enables Options Group to facilitate business on a global basis through a continuous workflow.

Get in touch

We pride ourselves on a boutique feel, which distinguishes us from other global search firms within financial services. This means the London team maintains its cultural identity while also mirroring the personality and mission of our US headquarters.

How can we help you?

Speak to one of our team members at our London office.